Industrial Paints
Elevate industrial surfaces with our premium Industrial Paints. Formulated for durability, these paints provide superior protection against corrosion, chemicals, and abrasion. Ideal for machinery, equipment, and structural elements, our industrial paints offer long-lasting performance. Easy to apply and quick-drying, they ensure efficient coating processes, contributing to the resilience of surfaces in demanding industrial environments.
Protective Primers
Create a resilient foundation for your coatings with our Protective Primers. Specifically formulated for optimal adhesion and corrosion resistance, these primers enhance coating longevity. Ideal for industrial, automotive, and marine applications, our Protective Primers offer reliable protection against rust, chemicals, and weathering. Streamline your coating projects with the efficiency of our quality primers.
Industrial Coatings
Experience robust surface protection with our Industrial Coatings. Formulated for durability, these coatings provide reliable resistance against corrosion, chemicals, and abrasion. Ideal for machinery, equipment, and structural elements, our industrial coatings offer a professional finish that withstands the challenges of industrial environments. Choose longevity and reliability for your coating projects.
Tar Epoxy
Discover unparalleled protection with our Tar Epoxy, a heavy-duty coating formulated for industrial and marine applications. This epoxy infused with tar offers superior resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and corrosion. Ideal for pipelines, tanks, and structural elements, our Tar Epoxy ensures enduring durability and resilience in the harshest environments.
Tar Products
Discover our Tar Products, available in a liquid form for versatile applications on metal, concrete, or wood surfaces. With a high-gloss finish, these products come in classic black, brown, and other shades. Conveniently stored at room temperature, choose from practical 20-liter sizes. Elevate your projects with the durability and aesthetic appeal of our Tar Products, perfect for a range of surfaces.
Berger Protecton And Asian Ppg Product
Discover Berger Protecton and Asian PPG Products, high-gloss liquid coatings designed for metal surfaces. Available in various colors, including off-white and greys, these coatings offer a stylish finish. Conveniently stored at room temperature in 20-liter sizes, they boast a 12-month shelf life. Choose between a brush or spray application for professional results.
Wood Coating
Elevate your surfaces with our premium Wood Coating, a liquid solution perfect for smooth surfaces. With a shelf life of 2 years, this versatile coating is available in clear or transparent colors, enhancing the natural beauty of wood and metal. Easily applied using a brush or spray, achieve a timeless appearance with lasting protection.
Paint Remover
Effortlessly remove coatings with our powerful Paint Remover. Ideal for wood, metal, and concrete surfaces, this versatile remover quickly lifts layers of paint, varnish, and lacquer. Its fast-acting formula simplifies surface restoration, making it the perfect choice for DIY projects or professional applications. Upgrade your paint-stripping process with efficiency and reliability.
Waterproofing Service
Experience top-tier protection with our Waterproofing Service. This white liquid coating, tailored for smooth surfaces, ensures a durable shield against water damage. Stored at room temperature, it offers easy accessibility with a 12-month shelf life. Safeguard your surfaces effectively and confidently against the elements with our reliable and efficient Waterproofing Service.
Bitumen Adhesive
Explore industrial-grade bonding with our Bitumen Adhesive. Versatile for metal, wood, and concrete applications, this black adhesive ensures a robust and lasting connection. Offering superior performance, it comes in various types, including Bituminous Coatings and CPRX Bituminous Adhesive. Elevate your projects with the reliability and strength of this adhesive, providing unmatched adhesion and durability across diverse materials.
Revitalize your metal surfaces with our high-gloss Paints. Available in a liquid form, these paints offer ease of application using a brush, ensuring a smooth and professional finish. Conveniently stored at room temperature, choose from practical 20-liter sizes for versatile usage. Elevate your projects with the durability, vibrant color, and easy application of our premium Paints, designed for lasting impact.
Waterproof Coating
Immerse your surfaces in superior protection with our advanced Waterproof Coating. This liquid coating, designed for smooth surfaces, ensures a durable shield against water damage. With a 12-month shelf life and convenient storage at room temperature, experience the advantage of enhanced durability and resistance to the elements. Elevate your projects with confidence.

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